Welcome to my little shop of Craft Patterns. They all start with a little idea in my head. I transfer that idea on to paper. And everytime you sew one of my patterns, they'll come to life. It's a wonderful feeling.  

Hello I'm Nora Dillon, my husband and I have always been doing crafts in one way or another. We used to do alot of crafts shows. Mostly in California, as some of you know it's not an easy life. But it also has it's rewards too, we met alot of nice people. Now a days with both have full time jobs and a black cat named Frida (she was named after FRIDA KAHLO). Just recently I started to design my own patterns, I had all these ideas floating in my head. And for me the whole process of designing and have it come to life is so rewarding, and it's actually very relaxing for me. I truly hope you enjoy my patterns and have fun with them. I thank you ! 

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